My Favorite Interior Design Blogs

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I love browsing blogs hours and hours to draw inspiration from. Just as I love browsing them, I thought, maybe you'd love to stalk them as well. Why not share them, right? So here goes!

Daily Dream Decor

I've been following this blog since forever. I just love how Denisa puts so much effort into researching the best designs for her readers. Just like me, she is a business student and a design enthusiast. Yeah. You know there is a connection right there. <3

Apartment 34

Another blog I've been stalking. In fact, this blog is not just about decor. It is more on lifestyle which includes post on beauty, fashion, travel and of course, decor. I also loved that they are a group of ladies trying to make a difference in the field of design. And oh, don't you just love their house rules?

Apartment 34 House Rules (from their About Section)

Interior design at its finest. This is a website where I draw most of my inspiration from. You can find anything in there. If you are planning your future home, then Freshome would gladly take the ride in your decisions.


She is a designer. And just read her about section. It will blow you off that she had actually let go of her designer day job to blogging about interior design. Wooosh! Inspiration!

Savvy Home

I just love the story behind this website. The urge to share the process of decorating Gabrielle's new home with her friends and family. And look where it is now. Wow! And why do I love it so much? Because I draw inspiration from this blog for coastal lifestyle.

and lastly...


A Filipina with class. She used to have a tv show on ABS-CBN that I religiously watched during late night Sundays. She designs furniture and the like. As what she stated in her about section, "I started this blog in 2007 as an extension of the work I do on TV. Every second and every word costs money in TV production, but in blogs, “airtime is free.”" Aside from her love of design, she is also an advocate for UNICEF. And oh, did I mention that she is extremely gorgeous?

Those were my favorite interior design blogs and websites. What's yours? Tell me on the comment box. I'd be glad to know if you like my faves, as well.

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  1. I don't know any. I just randomly check on the net or magazines but thanks to you! I love interior designs too but not religiously like I know some blogs haha gotta check these blogs. Hey let's meet na! :)

    1. pattieeee!! I am always busy when I am in Zamboanga city. T___T I wanna meet you na rin!

  2. I am obsessed with interior design! In fact, I used to blog about it and has a domain name (which I didn't renew anymore). Here's the link by the way: My favorite blogs: Young House Love (which closed late last year), Bower Power blog,, Apartment Therapy. and many moooore!