Golden Peak - Cafe Lucita Interior

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I have been missing in action lately. Well, I went to Cebu with the Vidas for our field trip in Finance 3N. It was really enjoyable. 

Moving on, Cebu is like the mother city for all nice furniture. You can find nice pieces everywhere. It was amazing looking at the buildings with nicely done furnishings and decors. 

First up is my favorite resto, Golden Peak, for the trip. Like srsly, they have tons of food for us to eat. And each is palatable too.

Cebu City has a lot of Chinese people. I mean, everywhere I look I can see Chinese. And most of the restos we went to are decorated in Chinese decors such as the fan up there.

But, I srsly think that Chinese people are really artistic. Thus, the enthusiasm of looking at each decor makes me happy. 

Up there is my favorite lamp. I think it is exquisitely beautiful. :)

That's it for today.

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