Japanese Dojo Inspired Home

I was just seven years old when I watched Discovery Channel about Japanese houses. Instantly, I fell in love with Japanese architecture. I guess, it was then that I knew I love designing.

Ever since, I would dream of having a dojo-inspired house wherein it will have a pond in the middle of the house. So, I googled some photos of japanese houses.

I have always loved sitting on the floor. Guess, Asian blood prevailed huh? :)

I don't exactly call it coincidence but I also loved drinking tea so much. Perhaps it is one of those things that made me fall in love more with Japanese designs and architecture.

I have also dreamt of having a room like the one above. I guess, it is the simplicity of the japanese house that made me love it so much. For 13 years now, I have been adoring the exact style.

And now that I have become a bit sophisticated, I wanted something like the one above. It is passionately perfect for silent nights.

Japanese people are of the cleanest and most tidy people of the world. The simplicity in their designs tells us their calm living. And it is one of the things I want to achieve in life. Being fully in control of myself with so much dignity as theirs.

How about you? What is your dream house? Let's sit a while and talk about it.



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  2. Great blog, I also like Interior Design and I would like to study it. I haven't seen a japanese house, well, the thing is that I haven't take time to see that design but after seeing these photos I really like it!



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